Madrasah Must Be Laboratory Of Religious Education

Pada Kamis, Oktober 15, 2015

Companions Abdima,
Pesantren and madrasah is the root of education in Indonesia. Pesantren and madrasah have produced many leaders in the field of education, religion (scholars), statesman even hero, so it can not be denied the role and contribution to the character with establishment of the Nation, such as Wahid Hashim, Hamka, Hasyim Muzadi, Mahfud MD.

Madrasah Must Be Laboratory Of Religious Education

In the contemporary context, encountered symptom of moral decline that is really worrying, such as fraud, deceit, oppression, and harm each other, even fight each other which not only affects adults but also among the students, as a generation, have tarnished the credibility of the education.

It was time for madrasah to act more minimizing the deterioration of the nation and mankind in general, as well as the role of madrasah Baitul Hikmah during the golden age of Islam, which has contributed greatly to progress Islam. This role should be transferred by madrasah to be applied at this time, so it is going to become a laboratory of religion education and research center of scientific activity, which gave the intellectual leaders in various disciplines.

Similarly madrasah expected to be part of the center of excellence. Madrasah is an islamic educational institution or public institution that has Islamic characteristics. It become one of role model for Muslims. The functions and duties of madrasah are to realize the ideals of Muslims and to build a generation of people who believe, bookish knowledge and global perspective, in order to achieve world peace and the life hereafter.

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