Madrasah Indonesia Began To Be Known By The People Of The World

Pada Jumat, Oktober 09, 2015

Madrasah Indonesia began to be known by the people of the world

Companions Abdima,
The word Madrasah is better and better the driving spirit of progress into Madrasah. Diractorate of Madrasah Education is very serious attempts to advance education at Madrasah. Various programs have been created and implemented including the existence of a program to diversify the madrasah.

The madrasah is formal educational institutions such as schools however that distinguishes the madrasa is a school that has a hallmark of Islamic knowledge. Apparently the existence of Madrasah in Indonesia have started to be viewed by the world community proved at some time ago Diractorate of Madrasah Education received the guest teachers from Australia who want to know more about madrasah.

Teachers from Australia schools

Around 40 teachers from Australia schools visit the Diractorate of Madrasah Education. They are from different schools : Pakenham Consolidated School, Tyabb Railway Station Primary School, Burnside State High School, Port Lincoln Junior Primary School, Hasting Public School, St. Marys Collage Syomour Victoria, Cleveland District State High School etc. They want to know more about madrasah.

Mr. Abdullah Faqih (as Networking chairman of Madrasah Directorate) and Mr. Mustofa Fahmi (as chairman for madrasah teacher affair) welcome them. Both gave some important about the recent development of madrasah in Indonesia. Some vidoes about madrasah were also presented.

Their arrival indicates that the Madrassa in Indonesia now began to be known by the people of the world and this visit should be used as a promotional tool for existence and the advancement of Madrasah in the eyes of the world.

Such information about Madrasah Indonesia began to be known by the people of the world, hopefully there is benefit. _ the man of Madrasah

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